Posted on Monday, June 15th, 2020 at 9:51 pm

The 11″ brass hybrid beater is completed. I need to remove a little excess glue, but that doesn’t interfere with its playing.


I needed to resort to a propane torch to heat up the heat shrink. And the glue, quite similar to hot glue gun clear, is excessive. So it’s stubborn on wood and requires some meticulous removal. I used aluminum foil as a mask to avoid scorching the bamboo and to catch most of the excess glue. That worked well, but a little of the heat shrink at the ends needs to be cut away because it deforms with the torch’s heat.

It is long and heavy and can’t be played for extended periods without wearing on the wrist. But I like it. It works well with the píopa.

The 9″ brush beater that I made to test the heat shrink turned out rather well, though there is a little excess glue and a couple of scorches on the bamboo. But it is remarkably easy to play. I wanted an 11″ beater, but I accidentally got 10″ skewers instead of the 12″. I got them off a special display and didn’t check the length. Doh! Then again, I wasn’t aware that there were two different lengths. I will get more 12″ skewers next store run. I don’t plan on making any more in the next few days. I could use up the 12″ in the kitchen drawer, but I’m not in a hurry The 11″ brush beater will wait.

I finished off the chili and cheddar (opened bag, not the still sealed replacement) on potatoes. It was a full plate as there was a lot of chili left. Cured my desire for french fries. I still need to prep the chicken. The package of pulled pork is half gone. I should probably start on the brats so they don’t get forgotten and expire.

I’m doing well. Skipping the doxazosin for a day helped the side effects considerably.

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