Man with the Lanolin Hand

Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 at 8:30 pm

First layer of treatment is on the bodhran, lanolin rubbed into the surface. In a couple of hours, the mink oil will thin it down and help it penetrate further. After part of a day, the shea butter will top it off.

Got in a couple of good sessions today. I am really pleased with the way the hybrid works with the píopa. It really makes it sing, especially when choked. It can wear on the wrist if played too long. (Feel the burn!)

Starting to get my sleep schedule to fall mostly during daylight, and especially during the heat of the day. Best time of day to be asleep during the summer.

Not much going on this Tuesday outside of new 9/16″ o-rings arriving and drum treatment. Looked at new MacBook Pros. I need another stimulus check to get the one I want.

Horde sitting this weekend.

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