Posted on Saturday, June 20th, 2020 at 2:49 am

Made a store run yesterday afternoon. I was going to get cash, but my habitual reflexes got the best of me at the register. Got a script refill, groceries, and a couple more oak dowels, 5/16″, with matching o-rings (10).

Thursday, I was cleaning off the hobby shelves, boxing up all the objects, paints and chemicals, sandpaper, etc. I ran across the bolt covers for the dining chairs I bought and assembled, and they looked perfect for a whipper head. I didn’t have any 5/16″ dowel to fit them. (See above.)

I cut 15″ off one of the dowels, sandpapered one end so the 0.5″ brass tube remnant would slide over it. It was about 1mm too thick. I smoothed down the dowel with 1500, added the brass collar, then glued the plastic cap with E6000. The exposed dowel was coated twice with Danish oil, two coats. The Danish oil is dry enough to handle now, but the glue needs to cure.

After sunrise, I will add the tennis racket grip tape and fix with o-rings. The glue will need another day or two, but that isn’t a problem as it’s contained. Once cured, it will join the bag. Another one without a brass collar will join the collection in the near future. It will be easier without the brass, but I wasn’t up to turning out two tonight. Then I can put up the hobby box.

Yesterday was an uphill day for the most part. Skipped a dose of doxazosin, which should help. It’s beginning to look like once a week thing to keep the accumulation down. But I don’t have anything on the schedule except cooking and the whipper. I may grab some sunshine tomorrow, the deck has been cleared. Follow that with a soak.

I slept through most of Thursday’s jam. It just wasn’t in the stars, the cards, the stats, the immune system, or the muses.

Cooking tonight. The penne alfredo at a minimum. Boudin is gone. I did get strawberries today, 3 lb @ $1 each, first sale of the year. What took them so long? Core and puree tomorrow, I hope.

Having a sedentary weekend, it seems. Ride shotgun on the horde Saturday eve and Sunday morning. Got everything I need for the interim.

15″ whipper
15″ whipper finished
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