Third quarter

Posted on Wednesday, July 1st, 2020 at 4:30 am

Crossed the half year point of 2020. Did the usual archiving of documents (emails, receipts, etc). It was also payday. Having updated the computer and cleaned the hard drives of catch-all clutter off to where the clutter belongs, I’m ready to do a backup update of the drives.

Not much going on, staying close to the vest, other than early morning grocery runs. The confirmed cases of of COVID-19 are spiking in the county, 27 new cases in the last week. So I’m staying put.

The weather is contributing to my reclusiveness, dew points in the upper 70s, creating heat indexes in the upper 100s. Miserable stuff, so staying holed up in AC is a given. Myka is glad to see me when I venture forth into the rest of the house. Cooking done in the early morning, when done at all. The Sahara dust clouds aren’t encouraging being outdoors either, though the second one hasn’t been hurrying onshore, dropping off fairly sharply over land. Odd phenomenon.

I took a 25 mg benadryl for the irritating dust symptoms and clogged sinuses. It helped for about eight to ten hours, which is unusual for a 4 hour dosage. I’m sure there will be more taken before this dust is over.

Working on a rib eye (tacos). I have deli smoked turkey, cheddar brats, and boudin ready to heat, though yet unopened. And I’m planning on a second batch of eggs ackley with a section of pork loin. That’s about it for cooking in the near future. Well stocked all around. Still working on strawberry puree.

I watched Blake Edwards’ S.O.B. It led me to discover that Lightnin’ Hopkins plagiarized Polly Wolly Doodle in his Shaggy Dog (Dawg, Dad, et al). The line about jumping on an alligator, thinking it was a horse. And here I thought he was being clever.

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