Last 2 week goo

Posted on Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 at 10:06 am

The bodhran just got a lanolin treatment and is awaiting the subsequent mink oil and shea butter treatments. This is the last treatment following a two week period since the last treatment. Next treatment will be around the first of August. The following treatment will be around September first, then it will happen three or four times a year for the life of the bodhran in my care. So the breaking in of the skin is wrapping up.

Actually, the treatment schedule is more than some perform. And while I like the results, I won’t miss treating it this often. It is labor intensive rubbing in the thick lanolin gel and shea butter over an area that large, a little over 250 sq in. Yes, my hands are much smoother from the treatment, but there are much easier ways to achieve that. While I could just go to 3/4 a year after today, I will finish out the schedule.

I am holing up, staying home except for early morning store runs. There have been 38 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the county in the last week. Dew point is miserable, heat index brutal, and I am spending 98% of my time in the AC. Dust is a little thicker today, but it is dissipating as it comes ashore. At least another day before it’s gone, maybe more. The hazy sky glows more brightly, and the sunlight is definitely weaker. Definitely a recluse.

Bills are paid, except storage. Time to figure out on what I’ll need to spend the excess. Done with the bodhran stuff. Myka is due her three vaccinations, that’s $75. Not that she’ll appreciate it. Nothing else comes to mind at this point. I have a month to let it unwind.

Going through movies and news at a fair clip.

The bodhran is back in the case after the wipe down. Too late to give it a spin. Seemed rather vibrant and harmonics rich.

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