Posted on Saturday, July 18th, 2020 at 10:19 am

Just got my first refills under my new primary, first time her name has graced my prescription labels. Topped off the gas tank. Mad money is under $100 now. I’ll manage to whittle it down in the 13 days left in July. Somehow.

The freezer has a gallon of stew in it. Not sure how I managed, but I did. A quart and change in the fridge. One more piece of cornbread. Need to focus on the pork loin, make eggs ackley. I was just too much in granny gear to get it done this morning. Boudin and brats also in the fridge, still sealed.

The clappers have shipped from Bali, should be in the US by month’s end. Proverbial slow boat, but it’s free shipping. I’m in no hurry, as I still have my duck clapper.

Bodhran is getting a little tight from the AC and summer months. I have found that a wash cloth wetted and then squeezed of all excess water, then wiped once across the backside, will relax the skin properly, no hair dryer required. I’ve cut back practice a bit. I feel comfortable with most of the techniques.

I pretty much have Blue Skies down pat. Not perfect every time, but often enough to quit worrying over it. Considering everything that’s happening, it’s not an easy song to perform. Just a little too happy for the times.

Not much else worth mentioning. Charged the battery on the truck, since it hasn’t seen highway miles in a couple of months. Didn’t need much, pleased with that. Washed a batch of idle clothes to freshen the scent. Movies, news, emails, puzzles, etc. Sleeping enough. The hours of the day still pass by, so I can’t be doing too many things wrong.

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