Tipped again

Posted on Monday, July 20th, 2020 at 12:30 pm

McNeela’s has a Fleahd Cheoil sale in progress. So I made all but a few dollars of the mad money disappear. I got a set of rosewood spoons, two weighted tippers, a bow beater, and a pencil beater. That should round me out completely. (Unless I order a Robbie Walsh signature.)

That makes two international orders from opposite directions in progress. Bali and Ireland. Both are essentially redundant (well, not the spoons). But regardless, I’m looking forward to receiving them.

Finished off the stew in the fridge, though a gallon remains in the freezer. Pulled pork and chicken in the sink to thaw. I’m down to three pounds of pulled pork, and I may need to make another batch when it cools off in September. I don’t need to think about food purchases until next month.

Getting plenty of sleep. Meds are treating me fairly well. Stamina is still a little lacking, but no cause for complaint. Handling the isolation well. Yes, I’d enjoy company, but alas, not yet. Email and phone are filling in the gaps. At least the weather is toning it down to the low 90s.

Not much else going on. Just a blending of days as they roll along through summer.

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