August heat

Posted on Friday, August 20th, 2010 at 10:42 am

Several times this month, I’ve heard people say, “Sure is hot!”  I usually reply, “Yeah, but it’s not like last summer.”  The typical response is, “True.”


I was driving around Austin a couple of days ago, on the brink of rush hour, and the car’s outdoor thermometer jumped around 104° and 112°F.  Granted, this was not in the deep shade, but rather out in the sun and atop concrete or asphalt.  Still, it was 100°F in the shade, and that is plenty warm.  To attest to the heat, I saw three cars blow their engines, steam and smoke abounding, something that just isn’t a common everyday event.


Consequently, all the physical outdoor chores are done early in the morning with a shower before 10AM.  It’s supposed to be like this all week.  Pretty typical weather for August in central Texas, all told.  Another three weeks of this to endure, and then it breaks (usually mid-September).


But that’s okay.  I have enough to take care of my time indoors.  And if it keeps up, I may even find time to render something.  Been eating rather well this week….

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