The sound of wood hand clapping

Posted on Thursday, July 23rd, 2020 at 6:47 pm

The clappers arrived from Bali this afternoon, wrapped in an inordinate amount of paper to cushion their journey across the Pacific.

Painted Gecko
Joyous Melody

They’re not perfectly aligned, and a few of the slats are a little warped, but they play quite well, so it’s not an issue. They have joined the duck clapper in the toy box. I think my favorite is the gecko.

I feel more comfortable with backups on hand, because I enjoy playing them a great deal during jams, and if one wandered off or was damaged, I’d experience anxiety before I could get a replacement. I am fond of the instrument, and the big one is a different experience. So I’m happy.

The packing paper is not typical American paper, more delicate, a light gray. I’m going to hang onto it.

Jambalaya (chicken/pork loin/shrimp/scallop) and chicken whole wheat penne alfredo are in the fridge. (One more pulled pork sandwich to go.) All dishes are washed and put away. Laundry is done. Ice bin is almost full. Myka fed and entertained. I am kicking back and enjoying myself.

About to start on the Thor/Avengers movie series and soak up the FX for a while.

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