Hanna Banana

Posted on Sunday, July 26th, 2020 at 8:14 am

Hanna made landfall south of Corpus Christi this morning as a minimal hurricane. We got 15 mph winds and maybe a third of an inch of rain. Temps stayed in the 80s and cooled early. But that has faded. A lingering chance of rain this afternoon.

I ordered a pair of drumsticks (7AN), the very first I ever purchased in my life. I’ll put grip tape on as handles for use with the bodhran. I mean, what is a drumstick bag without drumsticks? It took care of the last of the mad money this month.

The bodhran practices are getting to be rather routine, more a case of putting in the time than breaking ground. I have the feel for playing, and while not a master, I have confidence in my ability with all the implements on both sides of the skin. The consistent triplet still eludes me at any pace above a waltz, but I’m not that worried, as I don’t know anyone who plays Irish jigs. Besides, it’s not good for the wrist tendons.

Got the catch all drive in order for transfers over to permanent drives, then backup.

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