Clave labor

Posted on Saturday, September 12th, 2020 at 7:51 pm

Made three oak claves today, from the 1.25″ dowel that was used to make the fat kicker. It was 36″, with the 12″ removed. That left 24″ that made three 8″ claves. Saw, sandpaper, danish oil. They are LOUD!

Three oak claves join the toy box.

AC is back on. It was back in the low 90s today. Myka managed to sprawl out in the LZB. She got between my calves the one night I used a throw, and that probably got her re-oriented. She’s still in a don’t-touch-me fuss while in the chair. Brat.

A slow weekend. Improving, but I’m staying as compressed vertically as I can manage, keeping a low BP gradient. Staying on my feet too long takes its toll.

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