Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 at 7:57 am

Made another bone order from MIS. One oval, boxwood. Three flat, rosewood, tigerwood, and vermillion. Spoons, vermillion. I expect this to be the final percussion order. I haven’t seen anything else that peaks my interest enough. Yes, I have seen lots of goodies that are pretty, but they would be redundant. I have taken the toy box expansion to its logical and not so logical conclusion. Enough noise is enough noise.

zzzzzzzzz… Dozed off. An overcast sunrise.

McNeela’s replacement bones haven’t arrived, so they are shipping another. If I get both pairs, I have offered to pay for the second one.

The MIS order has shipped. No delivery date estimate given yet. (*Saturday)

Myka’s oat grass seed arrived. Still too warm to plant, but there is still grass in the yard. So no hurry. I am stocked for winter.

I ordered a rosin bag (for the guitar case) and rosin powder to mix with beeswax for a grip wax. I have been having pick wander syndrome, and I think this will help, as well as insure that bones, spoons, and tippers don’t go flying off into the ether while playing.

I need to think about what to cook next. Sirloin has been a consistent option. But probably not today. Possibly tonight. Chicken will also get thawed. Seventeen quarters is more than an adequate stock. Penne alfredo is foremost in line.

HEB was out of DJ’s boudin. I hope it’s a temporary thing. It’s still in the online catalog. I would hate to see it dropped. Got bread, tortillas, chips, and cat litter last night.

Feeling better. I finally turned the corner on the digestive thing that plagued me for over a week. Getting some stamina back. No sign of the infection and the meds are not laying any heavy side effects on me at the moment. I look forward to feeling better for a while.

Tigerwood bones.
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