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Posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2020 at 8:50 pm

My package traveled over a large area of Brenham today. It just didn’t pass by here. This is the second time (first was last month) they’ve given my package to the wrong carrier for delivery. “…could not access the delivery location.” The spoons and bones will be here tomorrow. So will the rosin.

Not in any big hurry to do anything. Made my pharmacy/store run mid morning and after that, no ambition. Ice bin got filled, that’s about it. I got whole wheat rotini and frozen veggies for the chicken soup. I got a 2 lb package of DJ’s rice stuffing (boudin without the casing). It was the last thing of DJ’s on the shelf. I hope it’s a distribution issue and not a discontinuance issue. I have the sirloin ready to broil. It needs to get cooked. I also need to use the pork tenderloin. I should make an effort to cook tonight.

There are no more 90s in the forecast. 60s-80s. Some rain ahead next week. Time to get the truck ready for winter. I need to take it out on the road and blow out the pipes. I have a larger cooking window in the kitchen.

I found a website, an outlet that sells 15 sizes of dowels in 121 species of wood. Trouble written all over it. I’ve already made a list for 30 pieces. Tigerwood, leopardwood, ironwood, zebrawood, vermillion, ziricote, Madagascar ebony, snakewood, birdseye maple, bubinga, Honduran mahogany. *sigh* The problem is, I can afford it. Poor toy box.

I’m waiting on the storage rent to show in the bank. Got an immediate full voice mail box all day. The voice mail was there the next morning, but no response at the bank yet. I’ll be patient. Sometimes it takes a few days.

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