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Posted on Saturday, September 19th, 2020 at 1:05 am

The bones and spoons arrived Friday, minus a pair of rosewood flat bones that was out of stock. I emailed MIS and ask for an equal value swap for tun wood oval bones in its stead. USPS made the delivery a drama, sending it on the wrong delivery route in the sort on Thursday, then not delivering yesterday, requiring me to call and having a call placed to the carrier, who came back.

The rosin also arrived, which works great straight with guitar picks. I plan on making grip was using the rosin mixed with beeswax. I’ll need to use a clave to shape an aluminum foil mold (with a bamboo handle).

I got the sirloin broiled Friday. Eggs ackley tonight. Chicken veggie soup with whole wheat rotini on Sunday. All times are subject to reality. Haven’t opened the DJ’s rice stuffing yet. I will probably freeze half of it when I do.

Got the storage paid. Donna got a new phone after her old one died. It’s a good thing I called back when I didn’t see the post on the bank account. It’s still not been posted, but that can take time.

I ordered a 6 pack of bank bags. The new spoons won’t fit in the bones bag with the new additions. So instead of waiting on the order of dowels (which hasn’t been made yet), I went ahead and ordered them.

The new iPad got upgraded to iPadOS 14. A few new adjustments and scads of updated apps. I had to repeatedly tell it that I did not want two step authentication for a pad that mostly sits at home.

Ruth Ginsberg passed away yesterday. I won’t express my disgust at some of the responses.

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