Up to no good

Posted on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 at 1:45 pm

Up to no bad either. Up to nothing fits much better.

In excess of 4″ of rain thus far, the bulk of it this morning. No wind to speak of. It’s been wet, minor flooding in Houston. But by and large a very freaky storm of little consequence. It should be out of the area in another 24 hours, which is convenient for Myka’s vet appointment tomorrow afternoon.

The replacement wide flat bones from McNeela arrived today. Also found that MIS will be issuing a refund for the out of stock bones. Great, more mad money to spend. But really, I now have what bones I need to complete the set. Tomorrow, the vet bill will be paid, and I’ll have finances squared, if the storage rent shows up on the bank account. It hasn’t yet.

Got my dowel list ready. Waiting for the smoke to settle. If it all holds to estimate, I’ll need to burn $50 more in the next week.

The eggs ackley breakfast tacos keep putting me to sleep. Still need to make home fries, but I’ll wait until the rain is gone. Plenty to eat now without them, and the spuds are in good shape.

The store has DJs bodin again. None of the smoked yet, but I’m hopeful. I can breathe easily now.

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