How dry I am

Posted on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 at 6:38 am

Beta has moved east. The wet stuff has stopped falling from the sky. Total came to right at 5″. We needed the rain, so no complaints for the good soaking. It was on the boring side to sit and watch rain for that long, but that was the only casualty.

I’ve had plenty of sleep, so maybe the eggs ackley won’t knock me out this morning. I need to get trash to the curb as soon as I get the gears spinning.

I’m starting to notice the sunrise getting later. Still dark, when it used to be sunshine at this time. Not noticing the earlier sunset as much.

A bit of a slow start for the day. A slow pace from sitting out the storm is still dominating my metabolism. Myka is not as patient.

Myka got her vaccinations while I sat out on the porch of the vet’s office. It was the solution to my dread of going into that tiny office during the pandemic. Granted, I wasn’t able to supervise. I warned them about rough treatment and her feral streak. They said she was frightened, but that it wasn’t too bad. I brought her home, fed her treats, grass, and wet food. So things settled pretty quickly, and she got to lie between my calves, chase geckos, and be at ease.

I made the order for the dowels. I figure $92 +sh. I will probably hear back tomorrow. Got all my finances nailed down. Still more to shed this month, but not that much. So not a big deal. I’ve got a week and a shopping list I can make grow as needed, depending on the shipping.

It will be a dry weekend, and the AC will likely return for four or five days. The rain was nice, needed to catch up on August and July. But its work is done, bring on the sun.

Thawed the last bag of the first batch of pulled pork to augment the eggs ackley and chicken/veggie soup. I realized the boudin stuffing was uncooked, and I wasn’t in the mood to fire up the oven. It’s in the freezer. A good swap, now that they stocked the boudin on the selves again.

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