Ride, boldly ride

Posted on Tuesday, October 20th, 2020 at 1:55 am

the shade replied. (Today ends week 3.)

I need to feed the horde in about 4 hours, then I’m off the clock. Caught up on chores. Inflatable bed deflated. Stretched the rug in the office.

I didn’t vote, yet. The afternoon was a don’t-stray-far alert. The bulldozers are working. The liver gets whacked, toxic headaches, kidneys whine. But progress will be taken wherever it comes. Not clear yet, but in the right direction, getting close. Needless to say, I didn’t leave the property. I slept as much as possible.

Risotto got made. Need to eat gravy. Eggs ackley later today, fates and subjective schedule willing. Soup on the horizon. Eat! Eat!

Things are getting boldly back to nominal.

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