Eve #2

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2020 at 4:32 am

Tomorrow is Election Day. The results are pretty obvious, except to one side that refuses to see the writing on the wall. Hope springs eternal. (Alexander Pope, 1734) It’s going to be messy afterwards.

Made a number of purchases on the first. USB hubs, Merino wool/cotton socks for winter, a tub pillow (thermal insulation so I can lean back on cold days), two pairs of 8″ wooden spoons (ebony, vermillion), and more. Made a moderate dent in this month’s mad money.

Still waiting on a bill for the dowels.

The secondary effects of the expulsion are fading. Otherwise, I’m doing well. I will get back to 100%, eventually. My patience has been thoroughly tested.

I need to cook. I need to thaw a package of pork tenderloin for both recipes. I’m hoping that I feel up to it today. I’ve been doing chores, but cooking just wasn’t in the cards. Had my celebratory pastrami/gouda sandwich.

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