Wind shift

Posted on Sunday, November 15th, 2020 at 4:50 am

The wind is swinging to the west as the cool front approaches. The string of days with highs in the 80s has closed, and it will be about 15° cooler for the next four or five days. I have washed the denim shirt and aired out the alpaca in prep for the temperature drop. It has been a very nice week of weather. I will miss the open windows.

None of the bones that I decided against ordering have sold out. Just as well. I don’t need more bones.

Store run Thursday night. Got 5.5 lb of ground chuck that is now in the freezer. So is the fajita chicken, fish, and popcorn shrimp. The freezer is full. Made a burger (gouda bacon) with another on the way, from the pound I thawed. Thinking about the logistics of how to get a turkey while they’re cheap. I think I can put the breasts of a small bird in the freezer and make turkey dressing with the dark meat and stock from the carcass. It doesn’t have to be ready for Thanksgiving.

Feeling pretty good, no major woes to mention. A few minor ones, but that is usually the case. Doctor appointment this Thursday. Flu shot and see about going back to valsartan.

Bills paid, mad money settled if the bill for the dowels arrives. Thinking about a bank run this week.

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