Clickity clack

Posted on Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 at 12:51 pm

The two pair of tigerwood spoons arrived a short while ago. That completes my collection of clickity clacks. They’re not the same as the Lark in the Morning spoons, but close enough in the way they play. They are pretty.

Pairs: tigerwood, padauk, ebony / cheaters: mulberry, rosewood (2)
Minstrel bones: boxwood, birch, tun, padauk, sisham, ebony, tigerwood, rosewood
Flat bones: padauk, tigerwood, ebony / Irish: rosewood (2)

Finally emptied the fridge. Thawed the 2 lb boudin block for sandwiches while I make up my mind what to cook next. I think I have the turkey logistics down now. They’re still on sale this week, as expected.

Doing well, all around. No major complaints. Doctor appointment tomorrow, flu shot will throw me off my game for a day or two. So the bank run will be next week.

Mid 70s, sunny, windows open.

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