bird day

Posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 at 3:25 pm

I think the turkey will get cooked this evening. It seems thawed today. Haven’t touched the jambalaya yet, but the block of boudin is gone, and half of the dinner rolls. One slice of pork loin in the fridge for egg tacos. Unopened tamales. Not a big appetite today. But I will have plenty to eat when I get hungry, especially after I get the turkey/cornbread dressing casserole made.

But none of this until after I soak in the tub. It’s mid 70s, windows open, and the weather is pointed toward a nosedive at the first of the month, maybe a light freeze. So I want a good long soak before the rains come to pave the way for the cold. Heat does not leave Texas without a fight.

A quiet bird day. Next door was about normal, but the rest of town in the background has been pretty low key. Suits me. Valsartan not as bad as it was yesterday, but I’m still sleeping more than my share.

I ordered the script refill, though it won’t be grabbed for a few days, maybe Sunday, weather and traffic level defining. Top off the truck when I do. Paid the internet bill. So the last details of the month are set. Finances are good.

Once again, I feel blessed not to own a TV. No Christmas commercials this year.

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