Truer words…

Posted on Saturday, November 28th, 2020 at 11:28 am

Glop – what you get after you drain off the stock from boiling down a carcass, once the major bones have been extracted. Tiny bones, skin, fat, other stuff mixed in with a fair amount of meat that is too much effort to remove with a knife. It’s a serious effort to separate the boiled meat from the glop, but if you don’t like wasting food, it’s a common chore.

The turkey is all but done, and the casserole begins as soon as this chore is completed. Everything for the casserole has been prepped, measured, and staged. The breasts and wings are in the freezer, the legs and thighs and carcass pickings are in the fridge. Dishes are washed and put away. Just the glop is left.

Got my script refill this morning, topped off the truck. Last acts of the month. Last of the mad money. It was raining lightly, so a good time to make the run, minimal crowd.

So the focus now is on December. Nothing much upon which to focus. One celebration, a permanent exemption from jury duty. The rest is just December, waiting for the days to start getting longer, avoiding people with seasonal depression, and this year, more so on the avoidance.

It will be cold, but I have a cat to happily warm my feet. We need a freeze for the mosquitos.

The dressing turned out perfection. The caramelized honey in the stock made the flavor divine. And the good news is that I have enough stock for a second batch. This is one worthy of TRD.

The dishes are washed and put away. Still a few chores: laundry, litter box, mop the kitchen floor, move a few things in the fridge to the freezer. But the turkey is finished. A two day project, not counting thawing, but worth it. A memorable non-Thanksgiving turkey.

The rain continues, a soggy Saturday.

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