Cut a rug

Posted on Monday, November 30th, 2020 at 9:44 am

I replaced the kitchen entry rug with a new one, a little wider and a tad shorter. Myka is starting to get used to it, after being leery, as she is of new things in general, especially big new things. It’s on the dark side, a muted dark blue and earthy grays, easy on the eyes next to the clean floor. The new one means that I can clean the old ones at my leisure.

The kitchen is clean, top to bottom, from the stove top to the floor. My chores are done for the nonce. All that is left is the eating. “I’m not hungry,” is not an excuse. The fridge is packed, the freezer even worse. Eggs, pork loin, potato, cheddar, avocado is breakfast when I get myself in gear this morning. (They would put large avocados on sale again.)

The rain is gone, replaced by the cold north wind. A low in the high 30s this morning, it could freeze tonight. I have decided to get an alpaca blanket this month. Also a couple more folding aluminum tables like the one I have. Note that neither is designed for making noise. Pay day is tonight.

I am wondering whether I should cancel the dowel order, or just wait to hear back. Waiting to see how finances work out, potential checks and stimulus payments making for pondering before acting. If I’m going to get a new MacBook Pro, it will change the dynamics. And potential raises next year is another variable.

The end of the month was a flurry of activity, and now I’m settling back down as the temps drop. It was a fabulous autumn weather-wise. It will be at least ten days before the windows might possibly open again.

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