Ol’ Nick

Posted on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 at 1:29 am

Nicholas became a hurricane a short while ago, 75 mph sustained. It is just offshore from Matagorda and is currently pointed at downtown Houston, tracking just west of Lake Jackson.

Here in town, except for a brief spell of eastern wind before sunset in the 20 mph range, you wouldn’t know that there was a storm in the area. Closest rains have been halfway to Houston. I am doubtful that we’ll see any rainfall this far inland. So are the local weather forecasters. Maybe tomorrow, but I’m not plunking down money on it. The wind is starting to pickup again as the storm moves closer.

I am thawing a couple of quarters of recipe chicken for penne alfredo. I have run out of thawed locally cooked food. I still have a tub of stew, when the urge strikes. And a stack of rib eyes. And pork tenderloin. And a package of pulled pork. And ham and turkey breast and ground chuck and… But they are all frozen. And there is plenty in the fridge that needs consuming.

Not a whole lot happening. Got ready for sitting tight, and now it looks like I’ll just be sitting. It reminds me that the worst facet of tropical systems can often be the boredom of the distraction.

I turned off the AC, but the office stays shut. The temperature outside is a couple of degrees cooler, and the dew point is dropping. However, I don’t want the breeze whipping through.

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