First serve

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2021 at 6:53 pm

The ping pong game that we call winter here has its first serve, the tropical bulge before the first cool front. 98°F for a high to end a summer that never saw triple digits. The cool front will be here tomorrow afternoon about 3 pm, a windy, blustery train from the north, with a modest chance of rain. 50s briefly on Thursday morning. Highs will be in the 80s for the week, lows in the 60s. Windows will be open often.

It’s time to fire up the furnace. Not at this moment, much too warm for the thermostat. I am thinking of buying a set of filters. I have some that are too short, but can be doubled or have cardboard taped on the edge. Vacuuming the closet will be done tonight.

I had pizza for a late lunch. The penne has been consumed. A pot pie is a prime candidate for dinner. I had chicken fajita tacos last night. Life from the freezer. I plan on thawing the remaining tub of stew for the front. And I may thaw a rib eye when that is finished. Regular cooking returns to the kitchen.

I have been gathering steam, getting a little more energized. A ways to go before I worry about stresses, but it is upward moving. Chores are done. A long soaking bath before the front and then laundry.

iOS 15 released today. Starting with the phone, as it has less to mess up.

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