Violet skies

Posted on Friday, October 15th, 2021 at 1:20 am

I landed a used Kenmore 5 cu ft top loading freezer to catch the overflow of the kitchen freezer, as well as hold a couple of 16 lb bags of ice. It can hold the recipe items like chicken quarters, pork loin/tenderloin, steaks, ground chuck, seafood, puree, etc. It would make a lot more room for the nuke and eat, ice cream, etc. I have been looking at wooden mallets for breaking up the bagged ice.

I’m back on the spronolactone, as I started showing a little edema, a sign that any accumulation had cleared my system. So I’ll see if the dizziness returns. I can feel it, but I wouldn’t call it dizziness yet.

The remnants of Pacific Hurricane Pamela dropped about 2.5 inches of rain Wednesday night/Thursday morning. But it has passed through, skies are clear, and we’re about to get another cool spell. It will drop from 90°F (Friday afternoon) to 46°F (Sunday morning). AC off, furnace on. Feline leg warmer for sleeping.

Apple Arcade trial gets canceled within the next two days, to prevent any payment being made. I wasn’t that impressed.

Chili and risotto are gone. The avocado, brisket chili, cheddar spuds were delightful. Contemplating what is next.

The chili strata is well hidden.
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