Tuesday twiddles

Posted on Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 at 1:32 pm

Things are hanging before me, like doctor, dentist, and vet visits, truck repairs, and more, and I can’t seem to get interested in them. It’s not depression, it’s just more aches and pains, side effects, lack of stamina, my body’s desire to remain in a state of rest. Part is an uncertainty in the remainder of the year, whether there will be exile and when. Lots of unanswered questions making it difficult to plan anything long term.

The weather is nice, sunny and mild, dew point around 60°F. It’s perfect weather for swapping out the alternator. But getting the momentum up and going just isn’t happening.

There is not a lot of problems with my chemistry. Things feel balanced. I’m not worried about the blood tests. That part of my health is good. It’s joints, nerves, and sedation from the hypertensives. Within my limits, I’m capable, but exceed my limits, and I have to sit and recover for longer than I can sustain. Progress by the drop.

Other than that, things are pretty slow. I can handle the day-to-day, cooking, shopping, cleaning, bit by bit, it slowly gets done. It’s getting out on the road and making schedules that needs work to make it happen.

Moderna boosters look as if they’ll be approved this week. But there are still plenty of ifs and whens involved there.

Things could be worse. Pulled pork, rib eye, green chili tamales, and more makes up the main menu, but lots of alternatives. And the LZB2 is quite comfy (to a fault). The windows are open, a nice breeze freshening the house. I don’t want to sound like life is terrible, it’s not. It’s just challenging, and I’m not up to the challenges.

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