Rag, momma, rag

Posted on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 at 9:34 pm

I looked at the ragweed levels, and they are quite high. My throat and sinuses have been nagging me the last few days, and the pollen is probably a fair part of the lethargy I’m feeling, enough to tip the scales. I’m not allergic, but there is an adaptation period where the antibodies need to adapt.

So I’m useless during the nicest weather I’ve seen since May. I have decided not to attend the jam, as my voice is affected. No sense in pressing my luck and going through the routine of prep and making matters worse.

Almost done with the pulled pork. The rib eye has further to go. Been leaning toward alternatives, as both are capable of lasting in the fridge. Fish and shrimp, chicken fajita, thinking pizza or pot pie tonight, or a baked potato. Bread and gouda… Something without prep.

Watching Pirates of the Caribbean series.

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