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Posted on Thursday, November 18th, 2021 at 5:55 pm

I ran a number of diagnostics on the electrical system, and I have just about solidly confirmed that the issue is the dash voltage gauge. When cold, it reads normally, but after a few seconds, it starts dropping a few degrees. So my speculation is that something in the circuit is increasing resistance as it warms up from current flow. No matter what the gauge reads, the VOM reads a solid 15V with the engine running. $10 – $20 for a new gauge.

So the fluids have been checked, the tires topped off at 34 psi, fuel cleaner in the gas tank, batteries charged, it’s ready to roll. TRD, here I come!

Bath, laundry, pack, partially load the truck, eat, and prep the house for Myka are today’s chores. Finish loading the truck tomorrow morning, grab ice, and boogie. Easy list for 20 hours to departure. And the process has begun.

The calm before the tempest.

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