Posted on Monday, November 22nd, 2021 at 9:58 pm

Landed 28 hours ago, unloaded. Almost finished unpacking. Just about caught up digitally. Almost caught up on sleep.

The good news, I got home with a fully charged battery on the truck. Brakes need a little bleeding, but no leaks.

The party was a good one. I got to play on Friday and Sunday, and I sang harmonies with Alicia on the PA on Saturday. It was a good musical event for me. The percussion went over well, music I knew, not too loud, added a dimension, it was appreciated. Cabasa, bones, spoons, wood block, tambourine, and clapper. I played the Egee too, and sang with full voice. It was good musically. I came home witha foghorn voice.

Lots of notable in their absences, those whom I wish I could have seen. But the crowd had plenty of catching up, more than enough to tire out my laugh lines.

The location worked well. Ample room for camping, the barn was a good focus, and everything needed was there. Only thing missing was wifi. A good location.

And now I’m back home and glad to have the LZB2. Doctor appointment Wednesday. I didn’t overdo anything, so I think I’ll recover enough for a blood draw.

Store run tomorrow morning, I think. Not much, script, flautas, and a hood latch for the truck are the big items.

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