Rx impaling

Posted on Wednesday, November 24th, 2021 at 6:34 pm

Got my flu shot today. And after drinking plenty of water, I got a retest of my blood work. Everything that was askew is now within proper limits. My doctor is happy, the prescriptions flow. That closes the door on the busy week prior.

Now I get to be lazy for a while and munch at my leisure. Tonight is gold potato/pork loin/cheddar/avocado. Tomorrow is smoked turkey/bacon/provolone sandwich. After that, sketti. (Ground chuck is in the sink thawing.) Chores are currently done. I can rest and get through the flu shot side effects and fully recover from the party. No hoops this weekend to require my jumping. Only the bread going bad before the turkey sandwich would require a store run.

Windows were just shut, and they won’t reopen for a while. A wet front is blowing through tonight, gusty winds, 1.3″ of rain forecasted. So it’s a case of serendipity that it all shuts down at once. It’s welcome, I need the rest, snuggle up and stay warm. I met the deadlines, and they’re gone. My time is my own for the rest of the month. Next month (a week away), I can pick up the effort and see the dentist and vet, get the rest of all that behind me.

I have enough gathered to keep me busy, occupied, distracted, and otherwise capable of passing time.

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