Oy oy

Posted on Sunday, November 28th, 2021 at 6:21 am

Been dealing with a prostate issue, seemingly brought on by a toxic party slush (jalapeño, etc) in my digestive tract, a case of chemical burn. Can’t leave the house for long, as I need to stay near the bathroom. It doesn’t take much fluid to trigger the need. It’s rather uncomfortable, but improving a bit now that most of the slush is out of my system. It’s putting a strain on my whole body, headache, fatigue, etc. Been sleeping a lot.

It rained all day yesterday, a Pacific jet dumping continuous rain for over 12 hours. It wasn’t heavy, no lightning, but it kept falling. It was in the 40s all day and night. A warming trend starts on Monday.

I managed to get in store runs Friday and Saturday mornings. They weren’t big, but they filled in the gaps. So I’m good for a while. I made spaghetti sauce on Friday, so I’m doing well in feeding the digestive tract some bland bulk. I got the replacement latch for the hood of the truck. I may replace it today, if I feel up to it.

Things are otherwise going well.

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