Posted on Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 at 4:29 am

Yesterday was payday, typical of the first. Didn’t spend any money, though. I stayed at home, opened the windows, and relaxed. I’m pretty much over the physical issue. I might make a store run this morning, but that’s not yet in ink.

There is a jam session tonight at the Pioneer. I plan on making it, first in a while. (Mid-October, I believe.) I’m ready for more brisket chili and ready to play some music. I finished off the spaghetti yesterday, so perfect timing. Pads are in good shape, and my voice should be there.

Vet appointment for Myka and dentist appointment for me need to be scheduled. That should wrap up the medical visits until April.

Got digital housekeeping done. Still installations and sorting the audio production library yet to do. I’ll get there one of these days.

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