Closing windows

Posted on Monday, December 6th, 2021 at 12:13 am

Literally. The windows have been open for 39 hours. I’m hours away from closing them for several days. Central Texas ping pong, arctic and tropic fronts going back and forth, some dribbles, some slams, some stalls, but a constant, sitting under the net. I will miss the short sleeves.

The two gallon trash bags, four years worth, arrived today. Myka’s litter trash can (which still spooks her) is tickled. I only had to use a large produce bag once. The denim shirts are due tomorrow. The less said about the new arm rest covers the better.

More $$$ to Apple. Within budget.

Took down the mini blinds that Myka savaged. In the trash can, UV brittle, string rotted, needed removing anyway. Her obsession with the neighbor’s cat…

Otherwise, I’ve been lazy, movies, video games, downloads, etc. Eating pretty light during the warm weather. Jambalaya on the horizon with the temp drop. Had a long warm soak this afternoon. Lazy weekend, for the most part.

Truck needs attention, maybe this week, when it warms back up. I feel like I may finally be over the woes.

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