Sat yousef down day

Posted on Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 at 5:39 pm

In the upper 20s last night, one that should have taken care of the straggler mosquitos. In the 50s today. Spent much of the night and morning cocooned, staying warm. No freezes showing in the immediate future, but no open windows either.

Pork fried rice for lunch. Myka appreciated the pork loin from the cutting board. Pizza last night. I may thaw a plain burger, to see how they work. And there’s still enough pork loin for tacos, after the avocado spud and fried rice. I might thaw the dressing casserole.

Chores are done for the most part. I need to fill the ice bin, though it will probably last until morning. Need to seed and water the oat grass pans. Everything else is done. A wind down day.

Feels good to be back on track. Easy days.

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