Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 at 1:42 am

I’m ready for February. I’m ready for omicron to wane. I’m ready for mild weather. Bring on spring. I’m ready. Last week of January…

At least the skeeters are finally gone. 40s and 50s, not cold and not warm. A little rain, humidity up, static zaps gone.

Except for cooking, chores are done. Sausage gravy coming up, with eggs ackley to follow. Marinated pork tenderloin to thaw. Not going hungry.

Trimmed the gray poncho, got all the snags and much of the fuzzies. Looks a lot neater.

Myka got on the couch while I was prone, tucking between my calves and the corner, a small kitty fort. Another first that will probably become more regular.

The sausage gravy is on the stove, setting. Three cups of milk remain for the cheese risotto, eight days until expiration. Wash dishes, build up a head of steam, and make eggs ackley in the same pan.

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