Posted on Thursday, January 27th, 2022 at 10:54 am

Last night, I purchased a new primary skillet (12″ – 5 qt), blue diamond finish (non-stick, non-toxic, tough, metal utensil). When I was cleaning up the big skillet of 16 years from making the sausage gravy, I decided that it was due retirement. It’s still usable, but it’s seen better days. The new skillet has a lighter glass lid with a better handle. The lids are the same diameter and interchangeable. The depth gain of one quart in capacity is a boon for excess. I like it, thus far.


Waiting for eggs ackley or something like it.

I was going to wash it and cook with it last night, but sleep had other ideas. I’ll get to it today. Not moving all that quickly this morning.

The late night store run was originally for Myka’s kibbles and litter, and the decision to replace the skillet was something of an afterthought. I also got macaroons, Reese’s, personal pizzas, butter, and Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches.

60°F outside the window. It might get a tad warmer, but not much.

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