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Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 at 11:13 am

The kashakas I ordered went from Bakersfield, CA to Portland, ME on their way here. What is it with California postal workers? My shipments from that state are always screwy.

Semi-lazy. I’m getting chores done, but I haven’t cooked the spaghetti sauce yet. But it’s set up to roll. AC has gone on full time, more for humidity control and day sleeping than the actual heat. Dew point is 74°F.

Not feeling much ambition. I have things to put behind me, mostly away from the house, but the impetus is waning with the coming summer. Dentist, vet, Moderna booster #2… The storage run is not as urgent as it was, but still looming.

The city trucks are here to start cutting up the oak by the power pole.

Rib eyes went on sale. No way I can fit any into the freezer with five already there.

The city cut away anything that might fall on the utility lines. There are still limbs wholly on the property that will fall if not cut. With the exception of one limb, none will fall on anything of value.

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