Posted on Saturday, May 7th, 2022 at 8:39 pm

The shift level retaining bolt has finally become worthless in keeping the lever attached properly to the shifter stub, making it virtually impossible to shift while driving. Seeing how there are no junk yards in Brenham where parts are available, I resorted to eBay. $108 for a used lever with bolt and nut (I hope, the photo showed it). Delivery estimated for Friday the 13th. I get to sit around at home for a week.


30 year old engima

HEB delivers groceries for $5, if I run out of bread and the convenience store doesn’t have any. I can put the trans in second gear and make local runs, store, ice kiosk, Family Dollar. The trick is parking without needing reverse, like facing uphill or having nothing in front of the truck.

The spaghetti sauce has been made. The shift lever went wonky when I made a store run, at least coming home is mostly downhill, so I resorted to coasting home as I often do. But I got plenty of shredded parmesan for the sketti, cornbread, smoked turkey, tamales, replacement spaghetti, etc. I will not go hungry. I am well stocked. I just need to focus on tacos and rice/pasta/spud dishes that don’t use bread. No burgers, pulled pork, or brisket after the bread runs out, unless I get more.

Rib eyes are on special this week. I have too many in the freezer already and no space for them.

I bumped the doctor appointment back a week. Not in the mood to second gear it over there for that. No hurry for a routine visit.

Pulled a bunch of movies with Time in the title, seeing how I have plenty of it on my hands. Winding down today has not been easy, thinking of all the feasible options available for the warm week at home. But I have another five sedentary days to fill, and there is no sense in being in any hurry.

The kashakas arrived. I won’t discuss the USPS tracking adventures or the 14 hour local delivery. I like them, but the strings are a little too short, so I will be modifying them. I can clack them, but I can’t catch them. They will make nice shakers until I make the modifications.

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