Posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2022 at 5:33 am

The lever w/bolt shipped from Nebraska yesterday afternoon. The delivery estimate was upgraded to Wednesday (tomorrow), provided it doesn’t get hung up in Dallas. I should be able to make it through this without an emergency loaf of bread.

Not a whole lot happening, just hanging out and slothin’. One more serving of spaghetti left. Ground chuck goes on sale tomorrow. I have a 2 lb bag left with a number of burger patties. Debating whether to buy a 5 lb tray and make a couple more 2 lb bags and more patties.

I need to break up the bottom chunks of ice from the last three bags and ziplock them for Igloo cooler bags. I put them all in one bag, getting ready for trash to the curb day. I need to thaw a quarter of recipe chicken for the rice dish. All of this to be done before it starts warming up. Dew point at 74°F. The extended forecast shows mid 90s all week.

Other than that, movies, video games, naps, cornbread and the last of the sketti, staring out the window…

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