The Bastrop Fire

Posted on Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 at 7:04 am

Bastrop is a town I visit often, as I do a lot of grocery and household shopping there.  I also have friends there, some very talented musicians.  Some of those friends lost their houses to the fire, the largest wildfire in Texas history.  My door is open to them if they need help.  I also will miss the green of the Lost Pines, which is a drive I take every time I go to Bryan.


I could see the smoke from the fire from 30 miles away, as it covered the eastern horizon.  It was an eerie sight to see the sun rising through the smoke.  So much damage, it’s dismaying to think about it.


Governor Rick Perry quietly and drastically slashed funds from the state firefighting services this year, during the worst drought in Texas history, then complains righteously for all to hear that it is so hard to get federal help from the military to help fight the fire.  It makes me deeply ashamed to admit that he was a classmate of mine in college.  The thought of him possibly becoming president leaves me with a very disturbed feeling.

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