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Made a store run this morning. Spuds, avocados (one almost ripe and one very green), bread, chips, flautas, macaroons. So now I can make avocado brisket chili cheese spuds. Two more dogs to go.

I opened the Blue Bell Coconut Cream Pie. It’s good, but I like the pie better. Goes well with the chocolate dipped macaroons on the side.

AC got turned on at 8:30 am because of humidity. Dew point is currently at 76°F. It’s likely to stay on all night.

I skipped the spironolactone last night, and the dizziness is gone. So I figure a couple of days without should clear any residual excess. I’m keeping a watch on my calves for swelling.

A slow day. No chores other than Myka.

It’s not not again.

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Dizziness is subsiding. Still a touch of fuzz, but no balance or spinning issues. I think I narrowed it down to the spironolactone, which I can drop for a few days if it returns or persists.

Fortunately, the chore list did not expand. Part of that was my inactivity not making for anything to clean up, other than the risotto. Dishes and ice bin is it for now.

I am considering getting some french fries for the chili. And onion rings as a side. I still have all those five dollar bills stuffing my wallet. Dairy Queen is a block over. But it’s Saturday, and I have dogs in the meantime.

There is lots of sunshine today. Window in the office will most likely be closing during the noon hour.


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I attended the jam last night. I slept right up until time, getting things together and arriving at the correct time. The usuals were there with the usual tunes. I didn’t follow, I only led, so my fingers were pressed to steel for 30 – 40 minutes in the two hours I played. I had a few toys with me from the percussion toy box, and they filled the rest of my time playing. I lasted until almost quitting time.

I brought home a tub of brisket chili. I have dogs, but no spuds. I’m debating a store run this morning before the weekend. Spuds, avocado, and… uh. I still need to make risotto. Lots of options here at home. Thinking spaghetti.

Been a little dizzy since last night. Might be a med side effect, since both of the hypertensives list it. Blood pressure looks okay. Sleeping helps, but doesn’t fully cure it. One reason that I’m debating a store run. I finished the baked potato soup, and I’m not that eager for a fresh bag of spuds. Nothing on sale that attracts me all that much.

There is a 6 -7 hour stretch today where AC is probable. I expect to be sleeping for part of that.

I want to get in another exploratory session on the Akai MPK mini. I’m down to buttons, process selection, function mapping. There’s still an avalanche of details, but it’s the one remaining basic that will unlock the details. But that is for later. I’m still in idle after the jam last night.


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I was under the impression that the price I paid for the LZB2 was not the least expensive, being from a local store. Turns out, I was incorrect. I was incapable of finding any lower price online. Okay…

I added a standard bath towel under the top pillow, and it adjusted the head angle properly. When it gets broken in, I probably won’t need it. It’s comfortable enough, and it will only get better. A little different than old blue. Higher, easier to stand up, foot rest is a big plus, and the ratchet works.

Myka has taken to it, after she got to use the blanket over my legs. That made her feel at home, so she moved in.

Chore are done. I need to make risotto, a good morning for it. Nothing else on the todo list.

The flautas suffered a $1 price jump. I think they crossed the critical price line for me. They’re nice and easy, but not that nice and easy. Lots of good breakfasts for less. I opened the last packs this morning. I don’t need breakfast anyway, it’s more a ritual to eat before going to sleep.

That’s about it. Getting the chairs swapped to a quick routine pretty much dominated the day.

It followed me home.

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Astor Recliner Rocker in charcoal.

Blow out

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The La-Z-Boy blew out a rocker, which I can repair, but it’s time for a new one. Astor Recliner Rocker in charcoal. I expect to buy one tomorrow. For now, I have a brick under the edge of the chair, a makeshift solution.

Otherwise, it’s been an uneventful Sunday. The dew point is dropping, so the AC just got shut off and the office window and door opened. Myka appreciates that, ears akimbo.

A few chores remain, 2 forks, 2 spoons, and a ladle to wash (all rinsed). Bath, laundry, ice bin later tonight. Not a lot to do.

Been playing on the MIDI keyboard, now that my nails are trimmed. Learning to sync stuff between the controls and the DAW. Still lots of process to take in and define. I’ll get there. I need to dig up the manual.

The Egee is playing well, as long as it’s not too loud, where the harmonics get muddy.

Blue Bell didn’t rotate either Strawberry Cheesecake or Coconut Cream Pie out of the line up this month. They have really slowed things down.

Stringer, A Long

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In the process of adding new strings to the Egee. Four are on the keys, eight to go, then stretch and tune. Taking a break from the action, which started with removal, then polish, then string insertion at the bridge. It’s my last set of M190 (Martin). Ever. I have a MSP6400 (phosphor) and four MA190 SP.

Stringer, A Long is from Big Time Fishing, the wife of Fuller Stringer. Her maiden name was Anastasia Long, but she hated Anastasia, so she went by simply A (pronounced ah, so as not to be confused with hey). When married, she became A Long-Stringer. But Fuller wouldn’t let her get a driver license, because her name would appear as Stringer, A Long (string her along). The longest A string was the last one I keyed before the break.

It’s October, and it started off raining. Most of the rain moved east, but a small rain cloud hung around town like a lost puppy that decided you’re the one. It dropped 2.2″ after the 2.6″ we got on the 29th.

A third of the baked potato soup is gone (3 quarts total, 1 down, 2 to go). Plenty else in the fridge and freezer.

Payday came and went, nothing happening to mark its presence. The emergency perks are still there, sans the smallest one that expired.

I need to make doctor appointments for both me and Myka. I may get as many needles as she will.

The Egee is in tune again (at least temporarily). Looks pretty too.

Chore reduction

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Been whittling away at a long todo list. Got it down to baked potato soup, restringing the Egee, and a manicure. (Add the truck, when it cools back down and getting trash to the curb tonight, but not the needed digital house keeping.) I have peeled off more than a dozen items in the last couple of days.

A quick store run this morning fluffed out the kitchen. Got a fresh tub of BB Strawberry Cheesecake to go with the BB Coconut Cream Pie. I have a feeling that they’re both going away in rotation on Friday.

It’s warm again, the dew point back in the mid-70s. Ugh. The airport was on LIFR this morning, a very low ceiling that was almost a very dense fog. It’s currently 90°F at the airport.

Leaves are starting to fall.

Waiting for payday. Not that it makes any difference to anything going on currently.


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It got back into the upper 80s today, but I resisted turning on the AC and let the ambient temp with open windows carry through the day. It cost me a high E guitar string on the Egee. They are funky and need changing anyway. I suspect that the AC will be on tomorrow. Skimming 90°F for the next three days, dew point climbing back towards the 70s.

Chores are pretty much done. The new cotton/wool blend socks are in the washer, awaiting a load. And I’m about to make avocado spud, so a few dishes (cutting board, knife, fork). Need to sift the litter box. But everything else is done. Baked potato soup is coming up in the near future.

The selfie stick/tripod arrived. Works well enough to keep it as a tool. Bluetooth module is handy for remote. No further deliveries at the moment.

Sketch app and multiple layers in Photoshop.
And yes, that’s hair.

I got ground chuck, scallops, and other stuff for the freezer, so it’s about full again. Coconut Cream Pie Blue Bell too. I need to finish off the Strawberry Cheesecake, so I can get another before it goes out of production. Plenty in the fridge too. No need for a store run this weekend.

To the kitchen to make avocado spud…


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The dew point today got down to 43°F today, something I haven’t experienced since April. My drink does not sweat, not even a little. And the window to the office is open. 73°F at 8 pm. Toto, I don’t think we’re in summer anymore. Expecting 50s in the morning. Haven’t those since April either.

Office is open, which means that Myka can pester me whenever she pleases. She has no qualms about claiming the LZB. She can’t say no to a hammock either, even though time is limited until it cools further.

Made a store run this morning. Chips and Reese’s, brats and dogs, air filters for the furnace, and a cheap battery powered analog wall clock. It’s hanging where I can see it from the LZB, so I can be sure to know the time when I wake up, even if I don’t have on a watch.

Made a test run of the furnace. I heated it fully with the windows open, in case there was a dust burn. Nothing I could detect. It’s ready to roll when needed.

Stew is thawed, but thus far is untouched. I don’t think I’ll be able to say that come morning. The smoked turkey has been opened, or at least one of the two packs. Had chicken fajitas for an early dinner. I have room in the freezer, for a change. Maybe add ground chuck, as it’s on sale, and I’m getting low. Scallops, seafood would do. Need to start thinking turkey roast.

The second half of the new thermals arrived, so the two sets got washed with the regular load. Recycling is on the curb. House is clean. Only chore outstanding is the ice bin, and there is still a little left in there. Otherwise, I’m ahead of the game.

First serve

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The ping pong game that we call winter here has its first serve, the tropical bulge before the first cool front. 98°F for a high to end a summer that never saw triple digits. The cool front will be here tomorrow afternoon about 3 pm, a windy, blustery train from the north, with a modest chance of rain. 50s briefly on Thursday morning. Highs will be in the 80s for the week, lows in the 60s. Windows will be open often.

It’s time to fire up the furnace. Not at this moment, much too warm for the thermostat. I am thinking of buying a set of filters. I have some that are too short, but can be doubled or have cardboard taped on the edge. Vacuuming the closet will be done tonight.

I had pizza for a late lunch. The penne has been consumed. A pot pie is a prime candidate for dinner. I had chicken fajita tacos last night. Life from the freezer. I plan on thawing the remaining tub of stew for the front. And I may thaw a rib eye when that is finished. Regular cooking returns to the kitchen.

I have been gathering steam, getting a little more energized. A ways to go before I worry about stresses, but it is upward moving. Chores are done. A long soaking bath before the front and then laundry.

iOS 15 released today. Starting with the phone, as it has less to mess up.

Summer’s end

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Three days to equinox, three days to a drop in temperature, nights in the 50s. To celebrate, I ordered more wool socks and long johns. (They’re not in stores yet.) Weather to fix the truck is coming, and it’s needed, the voltage gauge keeps dropping.

My watchband broke last night, so I went and got a new watch this morning. A Casio with a 10 year battery and a 1 year strap. I think I have 4 watches with broken straps. Three are still running, one finally needs a new battery.

I missed the jam Thursday. I just wasn’t up for it on multiple fronts, prepping me, warming up, packing and transfer of instruments and stuff, performing. It just wasn’t in the cards.

Made a store run Friday, ended up with a multitude of odd details. Most notable was getting $100 cash back and getting one twenty and sixteen fives. There was no cash back on the watch sale this morning. *Sigh*

Been fairly low energy, though I have been keeping up with chores. Not much else. After the dissipation of tensions in response to Nicholas, there hasn’t been much ambition. Watching movies and stuff.

After the storm

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It actually rained while I was still under the whorl (barely), and the nearest other rain was 100 miles east. It got the street wet, but no run off. So I am placing Nicholas on the storm list. 24 hurricanes, 23 tropical storms.

I can sense a general tension in the populace, people preparing for a storm that went a different direction. And there was the windy overcast indicative of a tropical system that built on it. Unfulfilled adrenaline coursing through people’s veins, nowhere constructive for the tension to go.

I got the chicken prepped for the penne alfredo, but I haven’t made it yet. Skin and bones made it out with the trash. Cooking and washing the subsequent dishes are my only chores for the moment. In no hurry to see it done.

Myka has fallen in love with the LZB again. She avoided it all summer, and now she’s glued to it.

Ol’ Nick

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Nicholas became a hurricane a short while ago, 75 mph sustained. It is just offshore from Matagorda and is currently pointed at downtown Houston, tracking just west of Lake Jackson.

Here in town, except for a brief spell of eastern wind before sunset in the 20 mph range, you wouldn’t know that there was a storm in the area. Closest rains have been halfway to Houston. I am doubtful that we’ll see any rainfall this far inland. So are the local weather forecasters. Maybe tomorrow, but I’m not plunking down money on it. The wind is starting to pickup again as the storm moves closer.

I am thawing a couple of quarters of recipe chicken for penne alfredo. I have run out of thawed locally cooked food. I still have a tub of stew, when the urge strikes. And a stack of rib eyes. And pork tenderloin. And a package of pulled pork. And ham and turkey breast and ground chuck and… But they are all frozen. And there is plenty in the fridge that needs consuming.

Not a whole lot happening. Got ready for sitting tight, and now it looks like I’ll just be sitting. It reminds me that the worst facet of tropical systems can often be the boredom of the distraction.

I turned off the AC, but the office stays shut. The temperature outside is a couple of degrees cooler, and the dew point is dropping. However, I don’t want the breeze whipping through.


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Two consecutive nights that the office has been open. Myka took claim to the LZB for the first time since April. She senses the change coming in these last days of summer.

And we get to celebrate it with Nicholas, a graze from the dry side. 2-3 inches of rain over 3 days, 25% chance of tropical storm winds. Closest on Tuesday, Monday to Wednesday window. The rain wouldn’t hurt, no flood warnings nearby. It’s been a little dry this last week. I’m already ready for it. I might open the office tonight, if it doesn’t get too humid.

It’s been a slow weekend. Slept a lot. Took care of the horde overnight. (They all climbed in the same cage for cookies.) Chores are few and done in due course. Had two meals, avocado spud and eggs ackley (last serving), and they have left me with no appetite. Brisket sandwich is next, whenever I get hungry.

My pads don’t hurt, but they are sensitive. I’m glad I didn’t play more. It will be awhile before I return. They need work, more than I estimated.

Basically getting ready to sit around and wait for the weather to pass. Doesn’t take much effort.

Pads – fail

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My pads only lasted about 30 minutes of actual playing last night. And I wasn’t in particularly good form. But the company was good. And I brought home brisket, as they had run out of chili. And my body has been off pace since, tired, sore, comatose. I still haven’t unpacked the toy bag.

I played more percussion that anything else, rotating through the items, wood block, tamarind bones, spoons (cheaters), clapper, cabasa, cat guiro.

With brisket on the heels of the pulled pork, I needed bread, as well as produce, so I made a store run this morning. I’m now set for the weekend.

It is starting to cool a little. Dew point in the 50s. Winds out of the north and east. Moving the Gulf air out allows for cooler nights. Tonight is forecast for 63°F at the airport. About the same for in town. The office may get to be opened.

Charged both batteries on the truck. Voltage has dropped. Getting to be time to make the alternator swap. Brakes seem to be holding.

I get to sit the horde this weekend.

The office window opened at 11:15 pm CDT, first time since May. The AC is off, silent.

Osteo reflections

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Pernambuco (Brazilwood) is now protected, and I haven’t seen any other bones available anywhere for a while now. So I think I got one of the last available pair, by some fluke. And the canary has some nice burling. I may finish them with CrabCoat when I do the purpleheart. All three will have definite showcase character.

The tamarind pair are almost as intense as the magnum rosewood pair. And it gives the tamarind half-round the other end of a set. So definitely a good acquisition.

A good way to top the collection. The three bags are: minstrel, flats, everything else. I think it will work. All the zippers are easy to close. On the spoons, I may give the cheaters a bag.

Trash and laundry need to get done, preferably tonight, though the washer can wait. I’m pretty much up on things.

Eggs ackley, pot pie, pulled pork. Could have done much worse.


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51 – 56

Tamarind, pernambuco, canary, respectively.

Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.


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Finally got the eggs ackley made. They’re in the fridge. Now to do the dishes.

More bones

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I was playing bones, trying to keep my muscle tone for playing, and I went to Bone Dry Music with a question, and found that they are having a 75% discount, indication of a stock clearance sale. The selection was very much diminished, but I found three pair that I found desirable.

Pea Patch – Minstrel regular – Tamarind
Whamdiddle – Classic long – Canary
Whamdiddle – Classic long – Permambuco

I know, the last thing I need is more bones. I will need a third bag now (which I have on hand). But the price was right, and I can afford them. So I gave in to the impulse. What can I say?

I had full intention of making eggs ackley early this morning and ended up sleeping through the cool part of the night/day. There’s tomorrow, and I won’t starve in the meantime.

Fortunately, I’m on top of the chores. The warm weather today won’t bite into anything.

Paramhansa Yogananda, parlez-vous?

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It took me 50 years to catch the joke in Firesign Theater’s W C Field Forever, but I finally found true enlightenment. I woke from a dream with an earwig, which led me to a little better than two hours online research, including several versions of Mademoiselle from Armentières. I have to admit, it was the first time I ever encountered the phrase “takes a bath in a talcum can”. (Another 2 chorder. 1 5, ugh..)

One tub of stew is gone, as is the tub of risotto. I have another tub of stew in the fridge and one in the freezer. I wasn’t able to eat up the Blue Bell in time, so I’ll have room for a replacement. Coconut Cream Pie is still available, but I need to eat the last slice of coconut creme pie in the fridge. Lots of competition, with chocolate dipped macaroons, Pirolines, snickerdoodles, shortbread, Reese’s Pieces, mini white chocolates, Lindt truffles, and more. So with my sweet tooth more than satisfied, none of it is vanishing in a hurry. Concentrating on the fridge more.

Finally got a charge to my debit card from Apple when I made another small purchase. I guess they were hanging on to it. No emailed receipt yet.

A rain cloud rolling through, cooling things off. As is often the case, it dwindled as it reached town. Regardless, 78°F is preferable to 95°F.

Thinking about laundry again. A good time to dig around in the reserves, while it’s cooled down.


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If anything, it got a little warmer today. Not expecting immediate relief. A little rain took the edge off, trading temp for humidity.

Got the truck insurance paid today. No internet bill, so it’s survivable.

Didn’t have much of an appetite today. It was a long spell between breakfast and dinner and it didn’t bother me. I was going to do risotto for lunch, but I put that off until later tonight and had stew for dinner.

My guitar pads are doing better, but they’re not up to a full set yet. It may take another month of practice to build them back properly. So no jam tomorrow night.

Got a script and topped off with gas today. That ends my streak of store runs. Well stocked across the board.


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Klim is milk spelled backwards. The last of the milk in the fridge went toward cheese risotto. I finished right before it warmed up for the day. The stew utensils and crock are washed and put up. I have the risotto pot and cooking spoon soaking in the sink, waiting for a minute of my time. I won’t need to cook for a while.

I need to get Myka’s salad picked and serve it to her. Bath and laundry later today, otherwise, I’m on my own time.

Ida made landfall this afternoon. Grand Isle had a pretty intense tidal surge. No effect of it felt here.

Not much else going on this Sunday. Aside from cooking, pretty much a lazy day.

Stewy too

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7.5 liter crock

After a 32 hour delay… The stew is currently closing in on 9 hours of slow cooking. More beef than potatoes. No veggies (sweet peas, baby limas, green beans, more carrots, corn), tomato sauce, or flour yet, but they’ll be in there before long. I estimate this one could take as long as 14-16 hours to cook on low heat. Maybe longer.

I may end up sacrificing Blue Bell for freezer space. There will be three half gallon tubs and a partial after a bowlful. Add cheese risotto to the fridge, and there is a storage crisis. I can’t eat that fast.

I hear rumbling to the south west. The rain is moving from the east. Not enough fell to wet anything. But it was a relatively cool day for August. A good day to cook.

I am seeing a bill for AT&T, no refund credited. There will be a phone call Monday if it doesn’t change by then.

Veggies just went in the crock after a period of high heat and the veggies thawing. The heat is back to low. It will cook until the meat and potatoes are tender. Tomato sauce and flour go in about an hour before it finishes.

Another Saturday night at home.

With an hour to go.


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Texas style ribs were on sale for $3/lb, so I got 5.7 lbs. They’re essentially beef shoulder roast cut in one inch square boneless strips, and they make excellent stew meat cubes with minimal prep. I figured it was the way to tame the bag of gold potatoes that hasn’t been opened yet. I had to go back for beef broth, which I thought I had, but didn’t.

I meant to start the prep earlier tonight, but I fell asleep and didn’t turn on the fans to cool down the house. But I still have time to get the crock loaded and ready for slow cooking before it warms up.

It also means that the remainder of the milk will go toward cheese risotto. And there will be a batch of eggs ackley in there too. But not tonight. No hurry, as the fridge is still well stocked, and nothing in the fridge is near expiration.

It’s still August, and the days are still warm. At least it’s not hot. No triple digits this summer thus far.

Finances are uncertain starting in October. A number of COVID relief efforts are expiring after September. It doesn’t worry me, as I am doing well enough, even without the ones I receive. I’m paying attention, and there is hope, but nothing definitive yet. I wish AT&T would hurry up and show me a bill so I can verify the installation refund.

Ready for things to cool down so I can fix the truck, make it road worthy. I’m getting tired of sitting at home.