Honey Roasted Cashews

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Had the dentures adjusted today, and they are MUCH better.  I put a Seabond strip in the lower plate, and I ate the celebratory honey roasted cashews.  It has been a looooong time since I have tasted any.


Spaghetti for dinner tonight.  Not quite ready to eat in public yet, still a bit of healing to do, so the salad bar will keep, but I definitely look forward to it.


I am more optimistic by magnitudes about the way they’ll work out for me.  I can relax this afternoon.  Things are definitely looking up.


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The slice and dice is finally over!!!!!!!!!  (Chomp chomp, as soon as the numbness wears off.)


Q: How do you take a pain killer before the procaine wears off, when you can’t drink fluid without drooling it all over the place?

A: Crank up the washing machine.

#6 Egee

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My 6th guitar, hereby dubbed Egee is a Takamine EG523CDX12.  (12 string)  It has just entered my possession.











#1 – Electric solid body, unbranded and unnamed, purchased with S&H Green Stamps in 1966.  I experimented it to death, since I never really learned to play it.  (I still have the amp and it still worked the last time I plugged it in a few years ago, despite a slight tear in the speaker cone.)


#2 – Ny A nylon string guitar that I bought in 1968 for Sharon, who gave it back to me when we broke up.  I don’t remember the brand, it wasn’t expensive.  I took it to college and performed on stage with it, gaining SROs at the Basement.  I gave it to a friend after getting #3.


#3 – Yammer Hammer A Yamaha FG160 dreadnaught acoustic that I bought in 1974 from a co-worker when I was working for Automatic Electric. It turned out to be an exceptional Yamaha.  I wore it out in the 24 years I played it, housed in the denim print carry bag.  Lots of fond memories and stories.  I was offered three different Martins for it, trades which I declined  (Stored in the closet.)


#4 – Meenie A Takamine G335 12 string dreadnaught acoustic that I purchased new in 1997.  18 years of joyful service until the bridge popped.  Plans are to get it fixed.  My favorite guitar thus far, with more than a few good stories. (Stored in the closet.)


#5 – Maha My second Yamaha, a FS720S concert acoustic that Vince Bell sent me when the bridge popped on the Meenie in 2015.  It is also one of the exceptional Yamaha gems, and played much the same way #3 played, so adapting to it was easy.  Most noted is the StarWars b/w hard case.


#6 – Egee The Takamine EG523CDX12 jumbo that I brought home 11 hours ago.  This one was was accepted from a friend, in lieu of money to be repaid.  It plays much like the Meenie, and it has the TK40 electronics/tuner built in.  It’s also the first time in my life that I will have two working guitars together for any length of time (assuming I survive long enough).


(6 hours until dental surgery)

The Approach

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Friday is getting closer.  Things are going well for the prep.  Most of the recovery prep is done.  All of this week’s cooking is done, the soup diet ready to roll.  I’m pretty much ready for the third and final.


Finances have been rough the last three months, and I’ve seen the reservoir drop in large chunks.  I won’t hit dead bottom, but close enough.  At least I’ll have pearly whites to chomp with.  But I am having to reel in extraneous expenses, go back into saving mode.  It’s summer, my needs are covered.  Hunker down and catch up.


Not doing too much otherwise.  Building up my stamina, getting myself oriented.  If I stay on top of it until surgery, I’ll get through fine.  No partying on the 4th to distract me.

Farewell to June

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As usual, this is a slow time of year.  Ten weeks of summer ahead, A/C humming along.  Not much to talk about.  Cleaning house, cooking, etc, mostly during the night when it’s relatively cool.  Jambalaya and sausage gravy due up next.


Things are quiet.  Season of the vampire shift, sleeping the heat of the day away.  Tonight is the six month shift, storing emails, etc.  Receipts and snail mail files tucked away.  General data cleaning for the second half of the year.


Got a portable console box for the truck seat this morning.  Got tired of holding my drink with my legs.  It has an adjustable drink holder, perfect for the water bottle.  I can even rest my elbow on it, sort of.  I may modify it a bit for that.


Six days to the final surgery.  I’ll be glad to get it behind me.

Vet visit

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Myka got her annual vaccinations today.  Needless to say, she did not enjoy the experience.  But she is back home and was fed her wet food, and things are back to normal.  She will probably be on the down side for a day or two as she responds to the injections.


That lets me off the hook for the the rest of the week and most of next week too.  Now I can get back to sleep and get in the rest of my snooze time.  A quick store run late tonight, after it cools down a bit.


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Sleeping a lot during the day, now that summer is here.  The med switch has been a very positive step, though I’m still not 100% on the digestive tract.  Can’t complain, though.  At least I’m no longer clogged.  My diet is much improved.


Been some chaos in the brew, though I have tried to keep my distance.  Fortunately I’m not in anyone’s sights.  Enough said.


Had the denture fitting with the teeth, and they do look nice, though the teeth are smaller than my real ones.  I’ll be getting the extractions and finished dentures on the 6th of July.  I’ll probably have a follow up visit afterwards, just to make sure they are working properly.  I have decided that the first thing I will buy after I leave the dentist office with my dentures will be honey roasted cashews.  May be a few days before I can eat them, but they will be ready and waiting for when I can.  Then I’ll go somewhere chic for a salad bar.


The black picks were a bust, not the same thickness as the yellow ones, though the labeling said they were.  I ordered another 3 dozen of the yellow to make it half a gross.  I like the new picks.  I’ll even accept the yellow color at this point.  I like the picks.  Sweet.  Not sure what I’ll do with the gross plus of other picks I’ve got.  Give them away I guess, seed a few pick bowls.


Not much going on, though I am getting ready to tackle a few of the procrastinated projects before the final slice and dice.  I am feeling more up for work than I have in a couple of months.

Med switch

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I gave up clonidine and now I’m taking valsartan for hypertension.  There are faint signs of improvement in the side effects.  It’s a little soon to see anything definitive, but I’m hoping for more, but I’m ready to take more drastic measures if it doesn’t resolve soon.  But I am hopeful.  clonidine is a rough drug, I’m not sad to be off of it.


Got the new D’Andrea delrex picks today, and I like them, despite their bright yellow color.  Now I’m going to get some of the black ones.  I don’t want the reputation of being a lemon picker.  But I found my replacement for the discontinued Pro Grips.


Not much else to talk about.  It’s summer, soggy, warm, sedentary.

Dentist – round 2

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The first mold came back from the producer, and adjustments were made to fit my bite.  Then they were epoxied together to be sent back to the producer.  The top had a vacuum fit that is difficult to dislodge.  I also got to pick out the tooth color, a shade brighter than my natural color.  They will be pretty and look natural.


I was expecting extractions today, but that won’t be for another two visits.  I try the fit with teeth in two weeks, then extractions in early July.  I expect finished dentures by mid-July if the schedule goes as I imagine.  If not, early August.


So I can still sing.  And I need to take stuff from the freezer to thaw.  Soup diet is at least a month away.


In the meantime, I have plenty to keep me busy.  Backup DVDs, install the scanner software and test, and plenty more.  I may even get in a few recordings as a singing comparison for before and after.

Rough Weekend

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Spent in excess of 36 hours on my back to avoid extreme abdominal pain this weekend.  Again, it was the clonidine’s constipation bringing everything to a halt where it mixed a very nasty toxic brew, some of which irritated the appendix.  Standing for longer than 2 minutes was impossible for a while, due to pain, low blood pressure, distorted vision, nausea, weakness.  It was no fun, and it put a major crimp in my plans.  And while that mix is still inside me, the extreme symptoms have subsided.


Prepping for Friday and the main dental process.  I hope that I have fully recovered despite the set back of the weekend.  I am working toward it as steadily as I can.


Restrung my guitar today.  As usual, big difference.


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First visit to the dentist was last Friday.  Got a panoramic x-ray and mold sets done.  I go back on June 8th for the slice and dice.


So I have time to eat spare ribs and other chewy things for a couple of weeks.  And did I make enough of them.  14 ziplocks, with at least two ribs in each, sitting in the fridge, waiting for the freezer to be juggled.  Those two rack packs go a loooong way.


Strange online event concerning the ribs.  In chat I was talking about them, and a 40 year old woman thought we were having a gay booty call.  She was so uptight and immediately judgmental, snap attack on our innocent conversation that she saw as perversion.  That woman sure had a dirty mind under that self-oppressed exterior.  Aggressive politics is everywhere these days.  Could make for an interesting piece of fiction/social commentary.


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Sweet spare ribs for the weekend.  (Extra brown sugar in the sauce.)

My my.





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Got to 95°F yesterday.  It’s summer.  A/C has been running for a few days.


I’ve picked out my dentist, affordable, well rated.  All I need to do is get my body up to snuff.  It’s been a little slow in bouncing back from this spring’s barrage of activity.  But there is no time pressure on the schedule.  I’m hoping to have it done in two weeks (by the end of May).  It is summer now, so the distractions are wilting.  Looking to begin the first of next week.


For the weekend, it’s rest and medication, in prep for the next week.


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Cut my hair today.  Got a thumbs up.


Myka got a new scratch pad, belated birthday.  She has gone nuts over it. Not sure what she’s smelling (didn’t open the cat nip bag), but she has been all over it.


Getting ready for dental work.  A little slower than first projected, but not a big problem there.  I have ample window for it.  The ball is rolling.


Almost recovered from the Fling, still tail draggin’ a bit, but things are getting done.  Stayed home from music school tonight.  Looks like a typical summer this year.  90s coming on schedule.  Still no steady high dew points, but they can’t be far behind.  A/C is ready to run.  Fan is sufficient for now.  The wild flowers are folding.  A farewell to spring.


Rainy day

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My body is starting to rebound from last weekend.  A little slower than usual, but there was the trip to Bryan, not to mention errands.  But I am starting to get the rest needed to mend and rejuvenate, at least for starters.  Unpacked the guitar today.


Need to call UHC and see what sort of dental insurance I have.  It was largely gutted late last year, what little assistance there was, but there might be a bit of help on x-rays, etc.  Then I can get started.  Haircut first.


Not much else going on.  Lots of sleeping.  It rained today, a perfect excuse for vegetating.  Not that I need one.


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Spring Fling was last weekend, and my body is still fussing at me.  I’m not in the least bit surprised.  I was there from Friday until Monday, and I left because the 64 pounds of ice I bought on Friday was down to less than 2 pounds.  I needed it to get the leftovers home in good condition.


It was a musical monstrosity, music going non-stop for 12.5 hours on Friday, 17 hours on Saturday, and 17 hours on Sunday.  And I mean non-stop literally.  And the new talent was exceptional.  I came home with sore fingers, though I paced myself and played a little on Monday morning.  I was accused of slacking on Sunday evening, but the manic nature of the music circle told me that I wasn’t needed until everyone folded.  I would sit and lead, and I’d be over-ridden in short order, so I backed off until I was truly needed, finally exonerating myself of the slacking charges.


I wasn’t able to chow down as much I would have liked, as I wasn’t able to do a proper training to empty my digestive tract.  But I did sustain myself well, and what I ate was yummy.  I bbq’ed two pork loins, and they were proper.  They even made it on Monday breakfast as Canadian Bacon.  But I brought over one loin home.  (I gave Julie about four pounds of it when we got back to Brenham.)  There was more than ample food.


So the freezer is jam packed again.  (I got three sirloins on special today, last day of the sale.)  My body is sore and needing regular doses of ibuprofen.  Today was garbage day, and I thought it was Friday because of it.  (Brain is still fuzzy.)  But I got most items unpacked, washed where needed, and I can sit and vegetate now.  Well, maybe a run to Music School tomorrow, though I won’t be playing music all night.  I got a little extra sun, pink but not burnt.  So I will primarily be indoors for the next few days.  The memories will keep me satisfied.  It was a good party.

The slower you get…

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The slower you get, the more hugs that you need.


I penned that last Sunday, as I gathered my share of hugs.  It seemed to go over pretty well.


Added three songs to the book this week.  None are unknown, I’ve played along with them before or know them well enough.  None of them are difficult, but they aren’t classic progressions either.


Still getting my share of sleep.  Body not quite back to snuff.

A Farewell to Richard Dobson

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On Sunday, friends of the late Richard Dobson gathered privately in Elgin to join his widow Edith in bidding him a musical farewell.  There was a long list of hallowed musicians and songwriters from Texas and Nashville performing two or three songs that Richard wrote.


I was one of the local acts who brought up the rear, sharing the stage with Ellen, Julie, Stephen, and Lynette.  We pretty much brought the crowd activity to a halt, something no other set managed.  Our rehearsals paid off, and we did well.  And the compliments from high were a bit overwhelming.


Following the show was a jam that went from sunset to the wee hours.  I was the last jam leader to fold.  All in all, I feel that Richard would have approved.


It was a good gathering.  Much of the family was there.  Lots of catching up and warm fun.  It was a good time.    Julie got to meet and play with some of the musicians for the first time.  We headed back to Brenham in the wee hours, a nice warm glow.


R&R was intense for a couple of days, and on Wednesday, I got all my business for the week behind me.  Now I have the rest of the week to do my stuff, I hope.

A busy week and change

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Been a fairly busy ten days.  More web work.  Rehearsing for the Sunday memorial for Richard Dobson (this coming Sunday) at a couple of music schools.  Hard drive house keeping.  Lots of this and that.  The list is long.


This is not to say that it hasn’t been fun.  The wild flowers have been gorgeous this year, though much of the land is being grazed by livestock, so it’s not as spectacular as it could be.  The music schools have been impressive.  Can’t complain about the quality of life.


Just did another t-bone.


Gear shift knob

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Got a new gear shift knob to celebrate the truck’s new registration sticker.  It doesn’t spin and has a top, unlike the old one.  It’s a little spiffier, but not too much so.


Another tenderized, marinated chunk of sirloin.  Yum.



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Truck is registered for another year, insurance for 6 months.  Thursday was an expensive day, but I took Julie out to Chili’s for dinner.  I at least got a little fun out of spending a gob of money that day.  The truck passed inspection without any prep being done to it.  Met the deadline by two and a half hours.  I hate what sinus infections do to one’s schedule.  Big rain storms too.


Rehearsing Hum of the Wheels for Richard’s memorial.


Good Friday was a holiday here, so I just kicked back and holidayed, all my errands done.  Chili cheese spud for dinner.


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I have a street.  It went from compacted dirt mix to street in one noisy, smelly day.  Like the guy hitting himself with the hammer, it’s so nice when it stops.


And I think I’m finally over the sinus infection.  That means it’s back to business.  About time.  Too long a burden.  So nice when it stops.


Now onward to the third and last medical butchering.


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Well, the upper respiratory infection has lingered on to the two week point today.  Not bad, and I’m once again free from medication.  But I still occasionally blow my nose.  But it is finally coming around.  Finally.  Knock on wood.


Road construction has been going on for two days, and the house has vibrated frequently.  Asphalt Zipper, loaders, grader, vibrating soil compactor, smooth vibrating compactor, water trucks, the list of road paving equipment has been a long one.  It will be nice when they get done, hopefully by the end of the week.


Still looking ahead to dental work.  Hopefully I’ll get started on it next week.  Also truck title, registration, inspection, and insurance.  I’ve got a week to get that done, once the road work allows me to get the truck out for inspection.


Put together a concept image in Photoshop for JW², a potential duet with Julie and me, since JW is both our initials.  My intent is to use the guitars in a photo, her Martin 12 string and my Yamaha, rather than this rough composite.  But it shows how to arrange the instruments for the PR image.


Turning the corner

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Well, I am feeling better, and some of the symptoms are improving, some are not.  Drainage is decreasing, but it’s getting more color to it.  The soreness is almost gone, but I’m getting a little short of breath at times.  It’s not so much the infection now as it is the symptoms that are giving me the most trouble.  But it’s now just riding it out.  I am feeling better, overall a definite improvement.


To celebrate, I broiled a rib eye.


and a half

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The bug is going for my throat.  This is NOT what I wanted.