Posted on Thursday, July 20th, 2017 at 6:09 pm

Coming out of the last couple of weeks alive.  On the 10th of July, I had a spell of tachycardia (180 bpm) brought on by a reaction with lisinopril.  Needless to say, it’s been a pretty trying time, both before the event and after.  It worked on my blood pressure well, but the side effects grew and then cascaded.  And I can’t say if there was anything left untoward with the heart as a result.  It’s out of my system, and the side effects are gone, but I am a little on the cautious side until I see the cardiologist next week.  The replacement metoprolol isn’t doing the job.


But I have managed to be in the pool every day since I arrived.  And the food and company has been fun.  I haven’t done poorly.  The office is up and running.  I am handling business.  I’m feeling pretty good, now that I have cleansed the body.


But I’m not pressing anything, taking everything in due course.  I am dealing with a coming vincebell.com change of server.  I am looking at recording and burning DVDs, but probably after I housesit for Alicia to close out the month.  That starts the day after my doctors’ appointments in Brenham.  I’m getting through the heat of summer without too much misery.


Myka has taken to hanging under the house until she gets hungry.  Sometimes I can coax her out, other days are more resistive.

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